A Deadly Affair

Riley Jones has a peaceful life in Wildewood running her café, The Witches Brew … until the local bakery is set on fire. 

As owner of the town’s only coffee shop, Riley is often the first to hear the latest news and gossip from her customers. And that’s no exception when the witch hits the fan just days before the town’s Halloween Festival. With the bakery out of business for the time being, the mayor pressures Riley to make a replacement cake for her daughter’s wedding. 

A casual favor turns The Witches Brew into a target by whoever is set on sabotaging the wedding. But why? And worst yet, is it an outsider or a resident of their quiet town? 

With a black-cat sidekick, a pinch of magic, and a keen sense of spell, Riley sets out to solve the mystery. Along the way, she becomes bewitched by a man with debonair dimples and tangled up with a talking hat. 

She’s a witch-crafty one, but can she figure out whodunit before it’s too late? 

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