Sneaks and Peeks!

Good evening, Sleuths!

A Deadly Affair is ALMOST done being edited by yours truly. Two more chapters left and a possible epilogue being added before it goes to the professionals.

I wanted to give you a little insight of our friendly neighborhood witch, Riley Jones.

This quote is from Chapter One and our first insight into Rileys magic. She has carved a pumpkin for the towns Halloween festival and…how do I put this nicely….oh jeez, there isn’t a nice way to say it…Riley cannot carve a pretty pumpkin, but with a little magic…

I brought my hands in front of me and curled my index finger as I whispered a simple Latin word to conjure the magic I possessed. The tip of my finger began to heat up. It happened every time. The lid wriggled upwards and set back where it belonged. Using the same motion again, I breathed out another spell. The teeth secured themselves in the pumpkins mouth without the need for the toothpicks. With a smug smile, I turned on my heels and picked up my pace to get to Cattail Road, where my cozy little cottage was nestled in the forest of Wildewood.

From A Deadly Affair, RM Connor
**subject to change after final revisions**

I hope you are just as excited as I am to get this book OUT!

Stay tuned!

❤ RM Connor

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